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Black Cube Hotel

Tripilliya, near Kiew
Obukhiv Raion

Tel +38 (067) 533-45-55

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How to get to Black Cube Hotel

By car

If you are traveling by car, then you need to go from Kiev to the south, along the old Obukhov road (P01) via Koncha Zaspa, take the turn to Plyuty and follow the signs to go to Ukrainka. Passing Ukrainka, take the road to Rzhishchev (P19). Following this road drive through Trypillya to bus stop "Rybkolgosp" (Рибколгосп).

By public transport

There is a convenient direct bus connection between Kiev and Trypillya. Go to the bus stand at the metro station "Vydubychi" and take minibus going to Stayki, Vytachiv (pltf. 24), or a bus to Kanev (via Ukrainka, pltf. 2).
Alternatively, from "Furshet" supermarket bus stand (far exit of the Vydubichi metro st., on the right side behind the supermarket fence) every half-hour minibuses depart to Rzhyshchiv, Khodoriv, Maslivka, V.Bukrin.

Pay your ticket to Trypillya and get off at "Rybkolgosp" (Рибколгосп) bus stop. Hotel is just on the bus stop.

The road by bus, as well as by car takes 45 minutes.

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Black Cube Hotel
Tripilliya, near Kiev, Ukraine
+38 (067) 533-45-55