Included in the stylish atmosphere of the hotel is an art exhibition of paintings by contemporary Ukrainian artists. The two exhibitions show the works of the talented artists Oleg Yurov and Petrova Julia Volodymyrivna.

About Oleg Yurov´s work

The author's technique of painting is "free motion." The zone of his search is a combination of abstraction and impressionism. The "free motion" technique allows him to show the world in its movement and transfer its internal fluidity. Working at the interface of abstraction and form without the use of brushes and the traditional approach, he tries to unite the eternal and fleeting.

About Petrova Julia´s work

Her work is reflection of her emotional perception of the environment. Every person lives in his own universe. Her art is a way to open this world to others.

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Black Cube Hotel
Tripilliya, near Kiev, Ukraine
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